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Cameron Highlands

Our next stop in Malaysia was the Cameron Highlands, tea plantation country in the mountains 3 hours north of KL, the journey was slow due to the traffic, we were traveling on Friday and Saturday was the Chinese New Year which is a big deal in Malaysia. Everybody was either on the road going to visit family, or heading for the countryside. No matter, we eventually arrived in Tanah Rata and checked into the Cameron Highlands Resort Hotel which quickly became one of our favourite hotels of the whole trip. It was a heritage hotel having been built during the height of the English colonial period to serve the tea planters and their families. It was beautifully decorated in tea planter chic and was terrible elegant – just our sort of place!? Our room, one of just 56 was lovely, and looked out over the Cameron Highlands Golf Course. Continue reading Cameron Highlands

Kuala Lumpur

Want a job?
Want a job?

The rain in Malacca stopped about half an hour before we were due to leave! We were picked up by our driver for the 2 ½ hour journey north to the city of Kuala Lumpur, unfortunately it was the weekend of the Chinese New Year so everybody was on the move, we were warned to expect heavy traffic for the next few days. In the end the journey took about 3 ½ hours but it was quite comfortable and it was interesting to watch the changing landscape.  Continue reading Kuala Lumpur

Malacca, Malaysia


The drive from Singapore to Malacca took about three hours, we had to stop twice for customs formalities, once to leave Singapore, and a second time, across the bridge to enter Malaysia. The road to Malacca was new, fast and not too busy so it was an easy journey. Along the way we were interested (alarmed?) to see the endless mile after mile of palm oil plantations, native rain forest is burned to clear ground for this lucrative crop, in the process valuable diverse forest is lost and the habitat of Orang Utans and other animals destroyed. Continue reading Malacca, Malaysia

Surabaya to Mount Bromo

The three volcanoes!
The three volcanoes!

The flight to Surabaya was delayed about one and a half hours and when we arrived we were held on the plane for 20 minutes because of a violent electric storm immediately overhead. Eventually we were allowed off and got drenched in-between the airplane steps and the shuttle bus to the terminal. The ride to the terminal was enlivened by more people taking photos of Mark and coming to shake his hand. Outside the airport we were met by our new guide Faisal and his driver. Continue reading Surabaya to Mount Bromo

Great Ocean Road

The Apostles

The Great Ocean Road runs along the south coast from Geelong, south of Melbourne towards Adelaide, the total journey between the two cities is just over 1000km and the Great Ocean Road (GOR) extends for about half of it. The road is famous as a scenic route and in particular for a stretch of limestone coast with a series of rock formations known as the Twelve Apostles, although thanks to continuing erosion there are only nine now! Continue reading Great Ocean Road