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Cornwall 1

A typical view of our new surroundings!
A typical view of our new surroundings!

Hi, it’s us again! Several people have asked ‘what happened next?’ So now seems a good time to bring you all up to date with developments in the two-and-a-half months since we got back to the UK.

First stop was my mother’s house in Dorset, we spent 10 days there and really enjoyed catching up with family.

Next stop was Cornwall to start house hunting, Plan A was to rent somewhere for a few months while we looked for a house to buy. Some of you will already know that our friend Yvette is moving to Cornwall with us, in our absence she had taken it upon herself to rent somewhere as Cornwall Base Camp. Yvette has two Labradors and none of us had anticipated how difficult it would be to rent a house which permitted dogs. Despite two trips to Cornwall in January, and seeing homelessness looming on the horizon Yvette was unable to find anywhere to rent, so, Plan B, rent a short-term holiday let to give us somewhere to live while we sorted ourselves out.  Continue reading Cornwall 1