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A step back in time

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Some of you might be aware that my family spent a year in Vancouver in 1970, I had my 8th Birthday in Canada. We moved here from here Isle of Wight, as a child I just took that in my stride but looking back now I can see what a huge step that was for the family. Now, being back in Vancouver 46 years later I was keen to find our old house and the school that Carl and I attended.

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23 April

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23rd April has double significance; St Jordi (St George) is the Patron Saint of Catalonia so this is the Catalan National day and it is also Kim’s brothers birthday. This year we were able to celebrate both! We gave Mark his presents and cards after breakfast; interesting to be told they do not do birthday cards here in Spain! Continue reading 23 April

France And Spain Adventure 2


We arrived in Camallera  yesterday to glorious sunny weather 18C but just to cheer you up it is raining now. All is well here and today we are having a lazy day after 3 days in the car. It was a great trip down and did not feel at all tiring. The weather was great all the way but when we left Millau yesterday that the forecast for Saturday was 4C and snow! That would have made it a very different experience.