23 April

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23rd April has double significance; St Jordi (St George) is the Patron Saint of Catalonia so this is the Catalan National day and it is also Kim’s brothers birthday. This year we were able to celebrate both! We gave Mark his presents and cards after breakfast; interesting to be told they do not do birthday cards here in Spain!

We caught the local train from the village to Girona to celebrate the national day which has a tradition that the men buy the women a single red rose and the women buy the men a book. In the centre of Girona there were lots of market stalls selling both items for 3 euros each, nice touch!

We  met up with Maria’s mother and all went to a restaurant for Mark’s birthday meal. It was a restaurant half way up the steps to the cathedral. The food and wine were fantastic as was the service. After the meal the weather was changing quickly so we caught the train home. A great day out!

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