France And Spain Adventure 3

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Over the last few days we have been exploring this part of Catalunya.  As you can see it offers a lot of contrast in a relatively small area.

On Monday the children were off school so we took them down the coast by train to a place called Malgrat del Mar. The kids had a great time on the beach and in a fantastic play area.

On Tuesday Kim and I visited Banyoles. The lake there was used for some of the rowing events during the Barcelona Olympics. We walked 8km around the perimeter by which time we had earned lunch in a lakeside hotel, which was fantastic.

On Wednesday, Mark had to go to Barcelona, which is only an hour away by car, so we got a lift. We visited the fantastic Boqueria Market, walked the length of the Rambla down to the harbour and  had lunch (again) in the beautiful Placa Reial. By then it was starting to rain so we caught a train home.

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