A step back in time

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Some of you might be aware that my family spent a year in Vancouver in 1970, I had my 8th Birthday in Canada. We moved here from here Isle of Wight, as a child I just took that in my stride but looking back now I can see what a huge step that was for the family. Now, being back in Vancouver 46 years later I was keen to find our old house and the school that Carl and I attended.

Once we worked out how to get across to suburban North Vancouver it was easy, the bus even stopped outside our old school, Canyon Heights Elementary. I only have a few memories of the school but I’m pretty sure the building is still the same. From there we walked to our old house, 4404 Parliament Crescent. I remember a long walk up a steep hill but I turned out to be a short walk up a gentle slope – perhaps I have been gone so long the mountain has flattened out?!

Sadly, but not surprisingly our house has been knocked down and replaced with a fantastic modern home, very different. I couldn’t see many of the original homes on the street and while I remember a very open plan street with long terrace lawns it is now much more grown in with mature ornamental trees and hedges.

It was lovely to go back and being there bought back memories of neighbours we used to play with – it definitely seemed like a different lifetime though.


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