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Seattle at Night
Seattle at Night from our room

Once we had checked in to the Warwick Hotel and had a shower we set out to find some cash and a meal. We left the hotel and headed towards the Space Needle which took us through a residential area, no banks, no restaurants! Eventually we found a bank and changed direction to head downhill towards the waterside. We decided to eat at the Belltown Inn which was great. Continue reading Seattle

Train To Seattle

Rail Poster
Rail Poster

Here we go again on to the next stop, after four great days in Glacier National Park. The weather seems to have changed here with some heavy rain, thunder and lightning recently. When we arrived at the station we had a very spectacular sky as you can see from the photos. The train was only 45min late which for a 1500-mile journey is great going. The journey from Glacier to Seattle is 650 miles and was scheduled to take 17.5 hours with another time zone change. Continue reading Train To Seattle

All Most There!

On Friday, just a month by date until our departure, we booked the last few elements for our trip. We booked our flight from Dubai to Budapest and the hotels for our European rail journey home. We have booked three nights in Budapest, Vienna, Prague, Berlin and Cologne. Which just leaves the train tickets between those cities to be booked but we can’t do that until 3 months before we want to travel.

Emirates Logo
Emirates Logo

We have used Emirates for the flight and a website called RoutePerfect for the European hotels.

We had a visit yesterday from Pam & Steve from Haddenham. We had a tea at home and then went to the coast. They were blown away by the area around Avon Beach, Christchurch. Pam surprised Steve by saying she wouldn’t mind moving to an area like this; could have been an expensive visit! It was really great to see them.

France and Spain Adventure

We have set off on our first practice adventure driving down to Spain and back. We are taking 3 days to get to Camallera with stop overs in Beauvais and Millau.

We took the chunnel to get to France, it was really quiet so we got an earlier train than we planned!

We have just completed the first two legs of the journey and we are in our hotel in Millau. The difference between the two hotels is chalk and cheese. Yesterday we stayed in a Campanile at Beauvais and it was lucky to get a one cheer, this hotel is called Chateau De Creissels and is a definite 3 cheers and depending on the meal tonight may make it to a Wow! The interesting thing is the prices for the hotels and food are almost the same.

The weather so far as been fantastic sunny, blue skies, 13C when we left but 18C when we got to Millau, warm enough to have a drink outside on the lawn, well you have to don’t you. Only complaint is the sun is in the wrong place to take a picture of the Millau bridge; will have to do it at breakfast in the morning.

Last leg tomorrow down into Spain and it’s only a 3 hour drive. I only hope the weather holds.