France And Spain Adventure 5

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Well it’s us again, sorry about the quiet period but it’s been a busy week back at UK base.

Today is  ‘2 months to go’ day and it feels like time is starting to rush towards embarkation on the Queen Mary! Let us fill you in on the last week in France.

We  stayed with family in a small hamlet called Rougnat in the centre of France for 6 days and were spoilt by our hosts and the weather.

We undertook two 7km walks which might not sound much but in a region of steep-sided valleys they were quite a challenge! If you look at the photos you will see how beautiful the Creuse  river valley is. We saw lots of wildlife and saw a buzzard carrying a snake in its talons just in front of us.

We left for home on Sunday with the sat nav showing exactly 1000km from door to door. We left at 7:00am and arrived home at 6:30pm. We had a couple of stops and the tunnel crossing; so a great run back. The total mileage for the whole trip was 2,200 miles. We managed to get the mpg up to 51.3, our highest yet!

It was a great trip and using it as a shake down for the big one was a great idea. We got used to the new camera and  refined our thoughts on the things we need to take with us.

We are now starting to think about our next mini adventure to Cornwall…

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