Getting Closer

Well with only two weeks to go it is getting pretty exciting. On Friday last week we heard from Cunard that we have been upgraded and now have a cabin with a balcony! This will make the trip even more special.

On Saturday our Audley paperwork arrived by special courier. It is all held in two Filofax folders and looks very professional.

Trip Packs
Trip Packs

So now its the time to start checking we have everything we need before the mass panic (or as Kim says, the orderly departure) next week.

3 thoughts on “Getting Closer”

  1. Good news – you really do deserve an upgrade! We can picture you on your balcony – glass in hand (and I don’t mean reading glasses) – and gazing out over the ocean!! Hope the packing goes smoothly and you manage to fit all the vital things in. Enjoy the last couple of weeks before E day.x


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