The Cascades Train Seattle to Vancouver

The rail trip up to Vancouver was fantastic, it followed the coast, hugging the shoreline most of the way up and we saw eagles and very large herons a plenty. The journey took four hours but did not feel like it, there was so much to see in perfect weather conditions. On arrival the Canadians let us through immigration and we got a taxi to the Times Square Apartments near Stanley Park. We have got a self-catering studio apartment, it is just what we need after 4 weeks of hotel rooms and restaurants it is a place where we can relax, do our own thing, do our laundry!!

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I wonder what Vancouver has to offer….

3 thoughts on “The Cascades Train Seattle to Vancouver”

  1. Great to know you are having such a fantastic time. Van is a wonderful city, enjoy a breather from all the moving around. Miss you.


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