Melbourne 3

Thought this might help Terry!
Just for Jenny!

After Terry and Jenny left we had another week in Melbourne. We enjoyed the luxury of being in one place for an extended period and got in to a routine of going to the market to shop for supper and stopping for coffee in one of the many cafes nearby (we particularly enjoyed an Italian café that served homemade cake made with chestnut flour and flavoured with rosemary and pinenuts). We did two more city walks; one took us through the parks and around Treasury Place where all the state government offices are based, another took us along the river to Docklands and back along the opposite bank with spectacular views of the city skyline. We took a tram out to Waterfront City, a new dockland development which is going to be very impressive but which is still under development, still it was nice to see it.


We went into town to see the Christmas decorations but try as we might we couldn’t make ourselves feel festive under the bright blue summer skies with all the trees in blossom. Who ever said ‘it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas’ was wrong!!

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Finally, it was time to do the washing, pack our suitcases, collect a hire car and wave goodbye to Melbourne. Back on the road again we followed the signs for The Great Ocean Road and set off for Adelaide.

2 thoughts on “Melbourne 3”

  1. That helicopter looks vaguely familiar… but haven’t seen a suit coat for a long time!! Should have sent Terry shopping in Melbourne.


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