Highcliffe, UK

Signing off!

Our welcome home.

Well, that’s it, our round the world adventure has come to an end and we are back home in Highcliffe. Our journey home took us via Brussels to London on Eurostar and then home from Waterloo. We completed our circumnavigation when we crossed Southampton Water and could see across to the docks where we boarded Queen Mary 2 last July. What an adventure it has been, we have memories to last a lifetime and hope you have enjoyed following our journey through this blog.

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Sitting on the train home we worked out a few statistics which may be of interest…

Since we left home, excluding day trips and excursions, we have:

·       travelled for 239 days

·       visited 15 countries

·       stayed in 86 hotel rooms/cabins

·       taken 23 flights

·       17 train journeys

·       10 boat trips

·       hired 8 cars

·       completed 5 coach trips

·       worn out three pairs of shoes

·       lost 6kgs between us!

Thank you to everyone who has kept in touch posting comments on the blog, it was always good to hear from friends and family.

wait to get can’t wait to get started on his egg hoppers!

We are signing off now and turning our attention to house hunting in Cornwall, we won’t be blogging regularly but we will post occasionally if we have any news to share.

Au revoir


Mark and Kim x

6 thoughts on “Highcliffe, UK”

  1. Welcome back. A very expensive way to lose weight – I think I’ll have to find other means!

    Enjoy the house hunting.

    Best wishes


  2. Thanks to you both for the blogs – they have been brilliant! Made following you really enjoyable. I´m sure you will really enjoy re-reading them all in the future.


  3. What a brilliant trip – have we seen ALL the pics you took or can we look forward to more when we see you! It has been really great to follow your grand tour and also to hear about all the delicious meals/snacks …
    Good luck with the house hunting and look forward to hearing how you get on.
    All best wishes
    Gill and Mike


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