We’re On Our Way

norwegian airways
Our transport

So the adventure begins!

We had to do our pre-trip checks, pedicure √ (Coral this year – who new!), hair cut √ and a new summer dress √. So we were ready to start our trip to Florida.

Our trip was to start in stages; to Highcliffe by car, to Gatwick by train and then  the flight on Saturday morning. The trip up yesterday to Highcliffe was ok but a lot of traffic was coming in to Cornwall. We are now in Highcliffe after Carl cooking us a great meal. Later we are taking our car to leave at Chris’s house near by, so it will be off the road. Lunch here and then catch the train to Gatwick Airport.

Tonight, we are staying at the Bloc Hotel, which is in the terminal itself. So not far to go in the morning as the flight is due out at 9:50am. We will have our choice of evening meal from all the outlets in the terminal.

Therefore tomorrow it will be to infinity and beyond, (especially for Steve J) The next post will be from Florida, see you soon!

4 thoughts on “We’re On Our Way”

  1. And there’s me, hoofed it down from Allonby via Manchester to Hadders, unpacked. Then rushed off to catch the post to get a birthday card to you, even put a 1st class stamp on it – and you’re gone (ok TIAB but that’s not the point!)
    Safe flights – give Gatwick a big hug from me!!


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