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Air Asia
Air Asia

We were contacted at the weekend by Audley Travel to discuss our choice of airline for a direct flight from Darwin to Bali. There are only two airlines that offer a direct flight so we chose the one with the best departure time, we are flying with Air Asia.

We also heard from Princess Cruises to remind us that we will need both USA & Canadian Visas for our trip with them.

It’s all starting to feel real!

It’s A Long Way


As promised we have tried to work out how far we will be travelling on our trip. This was not as easy as you may think but I think we are quite close to the distance. This will be the minimum distance, we have estimated some journeys and have used the lower estimates.

So the total distance we are travelling is 55246 km or 34330 miles!

We have also broken down the distance according to the  different types of transport we are using.

World Transport
World Transport

Another Step

Another piece of the jigsaw falls into place. We have confirmed the arrangements for our time in Australia.

We had already decided to spend two weeks in Melbourne, it is one of our favourite cities and after six weeks touring New Zealand it will be good to stay put for a while; a holiday from our holiday if you like. But Australia beckons and we don’t want to miss some of the sights we haven’t been able to see on previous visits.

We will leave Melbourne and drive the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide. We have allowed time to visit the Barossa Valley (cheers) and spend a couple of days on Kangaroo Island before we fly to Ayres Rock to explore the Red Centre. Uluru, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs are all on the agenda followed by a flight to Cairns to visit the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland Coast. Finally, just in time for Christmas we will head up to Darwin and take in a trip to Kakadu National Park and Katherine Gorge.

After all that I think we will be ready to make the short hop to Bali for the beaches and some spiritual refreshment.

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Today we went into Cambridge to see what health issues we should be thinking about. We went to the MASTA travel clinic in Hills Road.  It started with a 20 minute discussion with the specialist nurse about our trip and where / how long we would be staying in each country.

We then followed her advice about what we should be protecting ourselves against. So today we had inoculations for Rabies, Japanese Encephalitis and Hepatitis B. We also got a course of tablets to fight Malaria.

We now wait a week before we go back for the next phase; it’s beginning to feel real!

The Cruise Show

River Cruise
River Cruise

We took advantage of free tickets to the Cruise Show at the NEC to do some research on European river cruises for our journey from Budapest to Amsterdam. It was time well spent, we found several companies offering the route that we weren’t aware of, and also got an idea of the season start dates for 2017.

We now need to sit down with a pile of brochures to compare the different offerings.