Cornwall 2016 (2)

Deugh An Chy Cottage
Deugh An Chy Cottage

We have now been here for a couple of days and have really settled in at the cottage ( The journey down took longer than expected due to the volume of traffic; but we made it.

Yesterday we had a lazy day at the cottage to recharge our batteries. We also had a visit from Trisha who came for lunch. it was great to catch up with her and to hear all her news especially the story of her day at the Palace for the royal garden party!

Today, we went into Truro to do some shopping and to give Yetti a chance to have a look at some residential homes for her mother. I went with her to give her my two pennies worth! We tried to visit a third in Perranporth but the place was too busy, so we put it off for another day.

Then it was back here for a G & T and to sit in the sunny garden.

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