Cornwall 2016 (3)

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We have had a busy couple of days in the west of Cornwall.

Tuesday we went as far south as we could on the mainland UK, Lizard Point.  We parked the car at the Lizard and walked down to the point. As you can see from the photo’s the weather was fantastic and we had a brilliant visit. We then went for some fish and chips at Praa Sands and that was also lovely!

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Yesterday, we all split up and did different things. Carl and Margaret stayed at the cottage. Yetti, Kim and I went to Loe Bar; yeti to have a couple of hours on the beach while Kim and I walked around the fresh water lake formed by the bar. This took us a couple of hours and we stopped for a coffee at Penrose House on the way around. We all met up again back at the cottage and went for a cream tea at Godolphin House, a National Trust property. The house looked quite unusual, sadly it was closed so we couldn’t explore but the café served great scones.

It was then back to the cottage for some down time, a nice meal and off to bed. Two full days but really nice ones!


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