Extra Help

Trip Packs
Trip Packs

People keep asking where and when we will be on our trip! So we have put together a simple version of our itinerary for you to follow. You can find it under the OUR ITINERARY tab on the top menu or click on the following link: help to find us.

I hope this helps you discover where we are for the next eight months.

2 thoughts on “Extra Help”

  1. Hi Mark and Kim
    At last it is time to wish you ‘Bon Voyage’!!! We do so hope that all the planning will now swing into flawless action. We shall be waiting for an upper class comment from your superior cabin and a pic of you in befitting posh outfits as you head towards the dining restaurant.

    We have, at last got a proposed exchange/completion date of 29th – -the day before we leave for l’Escala. Not exactly a very helpful date but at least we shall know all is settled.

    So, enjoy every minute – we’ll be with you in spirit and, we’ll drink your Good Health and Happiness when we get to L’Escala.

    So, SAIL AWAY!
    Love from Mike, Gill and the two families.


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