E Day Part 1

Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2

Well, the big day is finally here and now we have to get to Southampton to be on board at 2:30pm. We are all packed and are doing those final little things that seem to take forever!

I would like to thank Yetti for her message at 6:30 this morning obviously to ensure we get the maximum amount of the day to get ready!! We have had lots of messages from friends and family re the trip which is really great.

There will be some more of these posts as the day progresses, so watch this space …..

4 thoughts on “E Day Part 1”

  1. You are welcome! Isn’t everyone awake at that time? I obseve that you are aboard the only liner with kennel facilities. I could gave lent you Silk!!! Enjoy every second. Love you both xxxx


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