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Bali Barat

Close encounter!
Close encounter!

Our third location in Bali was the Menjangan Hotel in Bali Barat (West Bali) National Park, the journey from Ubud was estimated to take six hours including a couple of stops and lunch so we set of promptly at 08.30. The route took us through the centre of Bali passing over the mountains in the middle of the island, the ever-present scooters buzzed around us in all the towns and villages and the further we got from the commercial and tourist centres the narrower the roads became. Through the mountain they were also very steep and winding, we were very happy to have the services of our trusty driver. Continue reading Bali Barat

Merry Christmas


… and you shall have a Christmas this year …

Dear all

Just a quick festive post to wish you all a very happy Christmas from the three of us here in Darwin.

We have been listening to Christmas carols as the temperature heads up towards 30C and beyond. We will be leaving shortly for Christmas lunch at the Hilton Doubletree, no doubt details will appear in a future post.

Best wishes

to you all

Love Kim & Mark xx


Maui (Hawaii 5.1)

For our stay in Maui we were booked in to the Inn at Mama’s Fish House; a group of holiday cottages clustered around a famous fish restaurant. When we checked in we were upgraded to a two-bedroom garden cottage, it was beautiful, really spacious, tastefully furnished and recently fully refurbished at great expense. We discovered a welcome tray in the kitchen with the usual tea and coffee but also a loaf of homemade banana cake, a huge fresh papaya and a fresh lime – that was breakfast sorted for one morning. Having had an early start we didn’t stray far that afternoon, but we did walk through the restaurant to see the beach. The setting was idyllic, a beautiful tropical garden opened on to a grove of palm trees and a virtually private beach, technically all the beaches in Hawaii are open to the public but this was as private as could be. The beach was steep and there was a reef off shore which protected it from the surf, in between was an area of rock pools. Not really a swimming beach but great to sit and gaze at.

Mamas Fish House 1
Mama’s Fish House 1
Mamas Fish House 2
Mama’s Fish House 2
Mamas Fish House 3
Mama’s Fish House 3
Mamas Fish House 4
Mama’s Fish House 4

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Alaska Postscript…

After the excitement of seeing the Northern Lights we had a good nights sleep and then headed to the airport for our flight to Anchorage. The flight was great and followed the route we had travelled by rail and coach – we could see the road and the railway snaking through the mountains below us and had another great view of Denali.

Boots in peril!
Boots in peril!

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Northern Exposure

We rose early on Wednesday and reported to our departure lounge ready for our 06.25 disembarkation. The port of Whittier was grey and foggy and the rain was pouring down, fortunately the Alaskans know how to deal with these conditions and we followed a covered walkway across the quayside to our waiting train. The trip to Mt McKinley Lodge took about 6 hours, the first five were in a glass domed railway carriage which gave us a great view of the Alaskan landscape as we headed inland and north. We were sharing a table with a couple from the Midwest who, like everybody else wanted to talk about Brexit, and after that to find out what we think about Donald Trump!!

Santa’s little helper!

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Chicago: The Windy City

Coffee Bean 1
Coffee Bean 1

Chicago is a real contrast to New York, the weather is less humid and the city feels more modern and clean. Apparently it’s called the windy city because when they first built the skyscrapers the wind blew so hard between buildings or alternatively as a result of the political hot air generated when the city was trying to secure the World’s Fair after Paris at the start of the 20th century; take your pick! Continue reading Chicago: The Windy City