Alaska Postscript…

After the excitement of seeing the Northern Lights we had a good nights sleep and then headed to the airport for our flight to Anchorage. The flight was great and followed the route we had travelled by rail and coach – we could see the road and the railway snaking through the mountains below us and had another great view of Denali.

Boots in peril!
Boots in peril!

We reached Anchorage at midday, dropped our cases at the B&B and walked into town for a look around. Anchorage is more sophisticated than the other towns we have seen in Alaska but still small and simple. We had dinner at the Glacier Brewhouse, a local micro-brewery, it was one of the best meals we have had in the US, excellent calamari with slices of deep fried jalapeno peppers mixed in, a very good pizza and some excellent local brewed beer.

Unfortunately on Wednesday morning Mark woke up feeling quite ill, he seemed to have picked up a chest infection and decided to stay in bed and sleep it off. By lunch time I had the same symptoms, and slept most of the rest of the day. We tried to rest as much as possible to prepare ourselves for the journey to Hawaii on Thursday, it was a shame to lose a day in Anchorage but neither of us had the energy to go out.

Before we close the Alaska chapter of the blog we promised to share some more photo’s, we hope you enjoy them.


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Glacier Bay and College Fjord

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4 thoughts on “Alaska Postscript…”

  1. Wow – the ‘cleanness’ of the water, mountains and trees in those pictures really stands out. Hope your trip down to Kauai was easy and the poorliness has worn off. Look after yourselves x


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