Full NZ Experience

Just to let all know who are following us that we are ok. We felt the quake at midnight and some after shocks. We had no effects here as of yet and went back to sleep! Just woke to news on BBC site and so this message. We have no facts as yet but all ok.

11 thoughts on “Full NZ Experience”

  1. Just seen your post and then found news reports. Hope all goes well for your future movements in NZ. Suspect true effects will be happening for the next few hours. Safe onward movement.


  2. Glad to hear you are OK.
    Can’t claim to read every post but I am following your journey of a lifetime with interest!

    Keep having fun!

    Janet (Hickinbottom)


  3. Good to hear that – I got woken up by my first Japanese earthquake this weekend – not as big as yours though!

    David Knowles
    Marketing Director | Creditsafe Group
    UK Mobile: +44 (0) 7818 001573
    Japan Mobile: +81 (0)80 3126 6765


  4. Glad to hear you are safe. We heard the news just before we went to bed last night and thought you must be back in Christchurch by now. Hope you had a good flight to Melbourne. No earthquakes or volcanic activity here at the moment. Will see you on the weekend xo


    1. We are really looking forward to seeing you both. Just got back from our first foray into the city, felt better after we had a huge breakfast! So booked a free introduction to Melbourne walking tour for tomorrow morning. So by the time we see you we will be natives! Take care and see you soon. xx


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