Off on a new adventure!

Kim, Jenny and Terry
Kim, Jenny and Terry

Today we are starting a new trip with our friends Terry and Jenny, from Australia. We met them in Alaska when we were on our round the world trip. We also met up with them when we were in Melbourne, later on the same trip.

So now the have come to the UK and are now seeing some of the sights of London. We will meet them in Oxford and show them some of the UK, will be fun. So we thought we would do what we did on our trip and share some of what we get up to, so watch this space!

Before we see them we are going to see a friends art exhibition and spend some time in Shaftsbury.

2 thoughts on “Off on a new adventure!”

  1. Good to hear you are keeping this up! John and I are off to Australia at the end of October for just over 3 weeks and we will catch up with Issy. She was home for a month in the summer although she spent most of the time catching up with her mates vis Copenhagen and the Amalfi Coast! She will be there until October next year. Sorry I haven’t been to see your new abode but I will definitely be there next year. I have been away a lot – Zermatt with Johns family, Berlin, Vienna and Wales! Have a fab adventure and I will hear all about it.  Have fun. Lots of love to all.Franny xxx

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