Stonehenge and Beyond …

The levee broke!
The levee broke!

We left Bath early and decided to stop for breakfast on route. Kim found us a really great one in a village called Beckington,  Mes Amis. It was small but the food and atmosphere was great. This is more than we could say about the weather; it was 10 c cooler and raining hard. We soldiered on and made it to the famous sight, which had changed a lot since I was last there. The car park and reception area is much further away which allows them to bus you to the stones. We payed our money and were advised to go while we were still damp. Despite the rain and strong wind it was still a memorable experience. We walked around the stones and then headed back on the bus! We then did the exhibition which was well done and very informative.

We were then on our way to Exeter and drying out at the same time. Terry and Jenny really enjoyed the changing countryside along the A303. On arriving at Exeter we checked in to the hotel and had a little bit of downtime before a quick exploration of the city.

In the evening we met Rachael and Kevin in a 16 century pub in Topsham for a meal. A good time was had by all!

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