Welcome To Orlando



We got up at 6:45 to start our journey to Orlando. We checked in, headed through security and had a spot of breakfast, our waiter told us we could have any eggs but not fried as the kitchen was having issues! We then went and waited by the gate until our flight was called.

Although we had booked with Norwegian Air there was no Dreamliner available for our flight, it was ok never the less. The service was great and a really smooth flight. I watched two films Christopher Robin and Ocean’s 8, enjoyed both. We landed at Orlando just before a Virgin flight and were off the plane quickly,which was to prove good news as it only took 45 minutes to clear all the formalities. Kim’s brother was still at Cape Kennedy so we found our own way to the house. We had our first Uber experience and it was very good, brave new world.

The rest of our group, Mark and Maria and their children Max and Mia, arrived after a great time at Kennedy Space Centre. We managed to stay up until 10:00pm and finally called it a day.


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