Animal Kingdom

It's Keven

We got up, had a quick breakie at the house and then headed for Animal Kingdom. We were all excited as none of us had been to this park before. We picked up our tickets and Fast Pass + passes and I was presented with a birthday badge with my name on it! So, for the rest of the day random people would wish me happy birthday.

We managed to get 4 rides in during the morning and the Fast Pass+ advance booking scheme worked really well. The first ride was looking for a dinosaur and was pretty good.

Trepid explorers
Intrepid explorers

The second one was a water raft ride and Kim and I got soaked much to the amusement of the others. Then we got to ride three; The Everest Experience! It is a fast roller coaster ride but part of it is travelling backwards in the dark followed by going forwards down steep descents and very tight turns. Kim and I got off feeling a bit travel sick and then I think the jet lag kicked in along with the heat; boy did we feel funny. I got over it in about 10 minutes but poor Kim felt rough for over an hour.

When we had recovered we took  a truck ride safari through a reserve with real, wild animals, elephants, giraffe, antelope, rhinos among others. The ride had a very similar feel to the safaris that Kim and I did in Sri Lanka. We then went home for a swim and relax. The rest of the crew went back to the park to see a night show and try the rides again.

So day 1 had happened and we survived – just!

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