Magic Kingdom

All together now at Magic Kingdom
All together now at Magic Kingdom

Today was the kids visit to the Magic Kingdom,  were we excited?! We arrived nice and early ready for our first ride, the Haunted Mansion! After that we enjoyed lots of other rides; Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World and Country Bear Jamboree. By then we needed a break and a chance to make a plan for the rest of the day.

We resumed with the Liberty Square Riverboat ride, a traditional stern wheeled paddle-steamer and a narration based on the writings f Mark Twain. We went to watch the Monsters Inc Laughter Floor show where some of the characters interacted with the audience. Kim somehow got selected and was interviewed on screen by a cartoon character. It was very funny the kids loved it and Kim did very well. We then road the Big Thunder Mountain runaway train and (some of us) took on the Space Mountain roller-coaster.

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Finally we had reached our energy limit although the time had flown, we left to come home about 6:00pm. When we arrived home Mark, Maria and the kids decided they needed to visit a supermarket for a few things. While they were gone the weather suddenly changed to thunder & lightning with torrential rain. They couldn’t leave the shop for ages, got soaked when they did, and arrived home like drowned rats.  The weather set in for the night and so we celebrated my birthday with a meal at home. I had opened my cards in the morning and was presented with a New York Cheese Cake for dessert.

It’s a birthday party!

Another good day.

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