Blizzard Beach


Today was a late start, 10:00am, so it seemed like the middle of the day! We were heading for a water slide park called Blizzard Beach, which is themed as a ski resort that has got a bit warm creating lots of water slides. It was a really good contrast to the theme park worlds we had been immersed in for a couple of days.

When we arrived we found a place to store our stuff and use as a home base to meet up at between slides. We all decided to start off on the lazy river, which is a slow moving river flowing right around the park, it was very gentle and really cooling on a hot day. The lazy river was as popular this time as it was last time Kim & I were here with Trisha, Ben, Tom and Sean over 20 years ago.

Lazy River
Lazy River

We then set off around the park trying out as many rides as possible. Some rides have rings to sit in, some have mats and sometimes it is just you and the water. there were individual rides and rides where we could share a raft, they were great fun. We kept going until lunch, had a brief break and then Mark and the two kids were off again. We had a rain storm during the afternoon which didn’t last too long but almost cleared the park, for the last couple of hours they had lots of rides with no queues.

Two of the slides were really fast, steep drops down  narrow shoots, speed traps showed people reaching 40+ MPH as they shot down the slides, that’s pretty fast for anyone just wearing a swim suit!! Max and Mia were fearless climbing right to the top twice and swooping down the slides, Mark and I sat them out this time around 🙂

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We then went home and collapsed. Great day!

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