Hollywood Studios

Off to the movies!
Off to the movies!

Another day, another park. Wednesday was Hollywood Studios day, the park that is most closely linked to the Disney films. We had lined up three FastPass+ bookings for the most popular rides but had high hopes of getting into others without queuing for too long.

First order of the day for Mark, Mia and Max was Star Tours – The Adventure continues, a Star Wars themed 3D simulator, those of us with more sense (and a tendency to travel sickness) sat that one out. Next stop was the Muppets film in 3D, we had fond memories of this show from our previous visit and although it was a new film it was just as funny, making great use of the 3D effects, a big hit all around. Lightning McQueens Racing Academy was a show based on the Cars movies and featured a very clever full sized animatronic racing car. Next stop was the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, another show, it demonstrates how some of the more spectacular stunts in the first Indiana Jones film were achieved. Imagine, giant rolling boulders, fight sequences with people falling two storeys, runaway propeller planes and exploding trucks. Max and Mia were mesmerised and both said it was one of the best things they had seen.

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Toy Story Land only opened this year and is extremely popular which means long queues. Undaunted by a 90 minute wait Mia was keen to try the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster, her dad went with her and the rest of us looked around the nearby activities and enjoyed seeing some of the Toy Story characters parading around the area meeting visitors and posing for pictures. We had a FastPass+ booking for Toy Story Mania although none of us knew quite what it was (risky!), it turned out to be a brilliant ride in little chariots passing through a shooting range taking pot shots at targets scoring points as you go – I’m proud to say I beat Mark 32500 to 31500.

What to do?
What to do?

The last fast pass of the day was The Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, a high speed limousine ride through LA to a sound track by Aerosmith – how many reasons do you need to avoid a ride?? Once again Mia was first in the queue, followed by her dad. Last but not least Mia was determined to experience the Tower of Terror, a thrill ride involving a haunted hotel and a malfunctioning elevator. Mark Maria Max and I found an air conditioned cinema showing a documentary about the history of Disney, I know it sounds dull but it was cool and actually quite interesting.

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That evening we went out for dinner, we had heard good reports of an Italian restaurant called Bruno’s, it was as good as we had heard and we shared two delicious pizza’s between the six of us.


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  1. We did quite a few of the same rides last year we did (inc Toy Story land, therefore it did not open this year!!), the Tower of Terror, Disney in Paris is ‘better’ (scarier) than the Orlando version. Rest easy x


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