Spaceship Earth with a new friend!
Spaceship Earth with a new friend!

Today we had a normal start for our visit to Epcot the park that is different from the rest. Epcot is more educational, the rides and exhibitions focus on history, ecology and the wider world. How would the kids take to it? We did not need to worry as there were enough rides to keep them happy.

We started at Spaceship Earth, this is inside a giant golf ball. It is a slow ride that takes you through history from early cavemen to the current day, although apparently there was nothing worth presenting between the renaissance and the creation of Microsoft! There was a nice little interactive section at the end to see how to generate  power to keep a city working. We then went to explore the Seas with Nemo area, it started with a gentle ride with animated characters from the film projected into an aquarium among real fish. At the end of the ride we visited a giant aquarium where you can see fish from viewing areas over three floors. The kids liked the dolphins which came very close so we got a good view.

After coffee, Mark and the kids went off to Soarin’ Around the World ride; which they really liked, it was a simulated hang glider ride through lots of landscape. We then set off to tour the World Showcase, this is a group of pavilions around a large lake. Each pavilion represents a different country through architecture, culture and cuisine; but with an American/Disney slant. We stopped about half way around to eat in Japan! We separated and the others went off to ride Mission Space, they did 2 trips one to the Moon & one to Mars. We met up again at the Test Track ride which was about car design and development and included a high speed trip around a test track.

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It was then time to go home and chill; another great day!

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