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All at Sea …


Well we have gone and done it and we are now on our way to New York. We decided not to buy the on-board internet package as we thought a week without emails and text messages would be more relaxing; so we are writing a bit each day and then we will post this on arrival in New York.

Our thoughts on crossing the Atlantic on Queen Mary 2, what a wonderful way to travel! Comfortable, civilised, no jet lag, what is not to like? We have seen pods of dolphins swimming alongside the ship, Mark spotted a whale (sorry Mia it disappeared to quickly to take a photograph) and we have marvelled at the mesmerizing ocean views which are truly breath-taking. What a fantastic way to start our trip.

(By the way, bonjour Gerard et Marie-Claude, ca va?) Continue reading All at Sea …

E Day Part 2

Well here we go, saying goodbye to our family on the way to Southampton. Gorden picked us up and drove us there in his Jag, very nice. He explained what to do when we were dropped off, very helpful it was too.

We are now in terminal waiting to be called.

E Day Part 1

Queen Mary 2
Queen Mary 2

Well, the big day is finally here and now we have to get to Southampton to be on board at 2:30pm. We are all packed and are doing those final little things that seem to take forever!

I would like to thank Yetti for her message at 6:30 this morning obviously to ensure we get the maximum amount of the day to get ready!! We have had lots of messages from friends and family re the trip which is really great.

There will be some more of these posts as the day progresses, so watch this space …..

Cornwall 2016 (4)


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We have had two more great days before we all head home tomorrow.

Thursday Margaret and Carl stayed at the cottage while we others went out. We headed to Truro where Yvette had her hair done and spent some time doing her own thing and exploring Truro by herself. Kim and I went off to see Sean,  a very good friend who was running an open day at his studio. We spent a couple of hours with him and then headed back. One of the highlights of going to see Sean (apart from seeing Sean himself and looking at his most recent paintings of course!) was crossing the River Fowey on the chain ferry! Back in Truro we met up with Yetti who was enjoying a lobster lunch and looking glamorous with her new hair do.

Today, we all had a bit of a lie-in and after breakfast went off to Penzance. We had a good look around and then headed to Marazion  for a spot of lunch at the Godolphin Arms hotel. The food was fantastic and the views from the restaurant were spectacular.  After lunch we headed back to the cottage for a bit of r and r!