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The Big Apple …. 2

High Line Intro
High Line Intro

Another hot and steamy day in New York City but as yet no rain. After our normal breakfast routine in Bryant Park we headed to the High Line. What a great project this is, taking a 1.5 mile stretch of a disused elevated railway track on the Lower West Side and making it into a park. We didn’t know quite what to expect but it was fantastic, a green road through the city with views across the Hudson River. The plants and trees were great to see but the civil engineering that has been undertaken is fantastic. Design of benches, tables, etc. make a real statement and some fantastic planting ideas bring nature into the city, for instance one section used a planting level well below the walkway on the old rail-line which means visitors can walk through the canopy of the trees; see some of the images we took. On a hot day it was easy to understand what an oasis the High Line Park offers local residents. Continue reading The Big Apple …. 2

New Year – Start Next Phase Planning

Well 2016 has arrived and after a quiet period in Nov / Dec we are up and running again. We have now got our suitcases for the trip, one each, so we know the limit we can take with us. We have also updated our phones as contract was up for renewal in Dec.

Kim came up with a good idea to have a second travel camera and we have gone with a Nikon AW 130 which will allow us to do shots in more challenging environments, i.e. water! Finally we have just changed to one computer, a Microsoft Surface Pro 4, to be our IT base.

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