Bridge Of Sighs, Oxford
Bridge Of Sighs, Oxford

We left Shaftesbury and drove the two hours to Oxford to meet the train. All was going well until the last 2 miles when the traffic stopped and crawled forward. We finally got there just in time to met Terry and Jenny. As the traffic was bad we decided to use the park and ride near by to travel into the city; this was a new concept for our visitors. 

We had a brief walk around and went into Bills for a coffee and a snack. It was then on to the river for a punting trip. This was great as we were soon out in the peace and quite of country and yet close to the city.

When we finished we walked along the river behind Christs College and back into town. After tea in a rooftop café we had another explore and then caught the bus back to the car and made our way to the hotel. In the evening Kim had booked a table at a Sri Lankan restaraunt called The Coconut Tree. It was fantasic and so we had a great time.

After breakfast we made our way to the tourist office to join a guided walking tour. We were told a brief history of the development of Oxford and then moved on to look at the university. It was interesting to see people from overseas to try and get to grips with the colleges and the university. We were taken into Exeter College and looked at the Chapel, Dining Room and grounds. We were then taken to some of the other main buildings of the University.

After the tour it was time a bit of lunch in a pub of course. We then went to the Pitt Rivers Museum which is through the Natural History Museum . This is different as it started as a private collection and is sorted by function. This means you can have foe example things to carry food in one case from all over the world and different times. Finally back to the hotel after a great day.

Next onto Stratford upon Avon!


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