Stratford Upon Avon

All together now
All together now

We left for Stratford and travelled to Banbury to show our guests the centre of England. We parked the car and walked across the canal  with some narrow boats. We had a stroll around looked at the cross and then found a café to have a Burton bun. 

We then headed to Stratford and start our look at Shakespeare town. First it was off to the house in which he was born and then to other houses that had links with his family.

It was then time for the hotel and boy what a surprise. It was excellent and made us very welcome. After a good night we visited a chapel on the sight that could have been where Shakespeare was married.

We then went back towards Stratford to visit Anne Hathaway’s Cottage which was a great visit.


One thought on “Stratford Upon Avon”

  1. Glad you are having a great UK tour! Sorry we had visitors this weekend or we could have popped over to say hello!

    Janet and Adrian


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